What to do before

What to do before There are ways of communication with the child to, in time and after situations, the demanding organizational skills which increase probability that everything will pass smoothly now or in the future.

What to do before emergence of a difficult situation .

Rehearse with the child that will occur and as he will arrive.

Sara goes on a visit to the grandmother for the whole day.

Her mother knows that the grandmother always watches that the child played only one toy the concrete the moment also moved away her into place before taking the following.

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They, as the rule, bright, with

They, as the rule, bright, with soft POOLS OF MANAGEMENT Recently on sale appeared mno go import rugs for kids.

They, as the rule, bright, with pictures.

But main them the shortcoming is that, lying on such rug, the kid quickly rakes up it under himself.

And when starts sitting, at all rumples a rug in hands or chews one of the acting details.

Generally, all rugs too soft.

That ma lysh could use such rug, to parents it is necessary to pin it pins to Matyora to sou or sofa.

And one more, and considerable, shortcoming such ig rushka outrageous price.

Let's try make the big soft the developing toy independently.

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Very often

Very often The child, the to him interest is younger it to play with specific characters.

Very often parents forget about it or they simply do not want to play with the child, and it seems that to teach more simply.

On business it appears absolutely not so.

Try to play with the kid, and you are uv the child that this way of training is more effective.

Distribute to each character them there can be twofour on one circle it can be berries, balls, bagels, watermelons and so on.

Count, how many characters, how many berries.

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And know, what

And know, what On other lesson the teacher wished to explain to children a difference between noise and a sound.

It began with that began to tell children long story.

Then someone, agreed to it in advance, it was loudly knocked at a door.

The teacher stopped and exclaimed What there?

That it happened?

What's the matter?

Children, you do not know, what there made at doors?

I cannot continue fairy tales.

Now I forgot it.

Let's leave it without the termination.

And know, what here occurred?

It was noise.

It is noise!

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Depending Palpation of letters and examining quickly fixes them their image, thanks to the joint to work of feelings; later these two acts are divided on contemplation reading and on palpation letter.

Depending on individual type, one children are learned to read earlier, and to write others.

So, ten just over years ago I put mine, a method of training in reading and the letter on those bases to which it still follows.

I was struck strongly during that time by ease, with which the abnormal child, having received one fine day the piece of chalk, calligraphical removed on and, so wrote a black board with a firm hand of a letter of the alphabet for the first time.

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